Final Year Student Projects 2012
Michael McCabe


Observation and Mathematical Modeling of the Eclipse of Epsilon Aurigae - Charles Dean-Orange (Mentors: Chris Priest and Graham Bryant)
Observation and Modeling Study of Exoplanet Qatar1b - Thomas Stephens (Mentor: David Harris)
Variation of Solar Rotation with Latitude through Sunspot Observation - Alice Wardle (Mentors: Carol Bryan. Steve Knight and Robin Gorman) 
An In-Depth Study of the Detection, Observation and Modeling of Transiting Exoplanetary Systems - Peter Miller (Mentor: David Harris)


Mathematical Forecasting of Running Limitations - Callum Shaw (Mentor:  Jo Corbett)
Predicting a Two Hour Marathon - Naresh Gautam  (Mentor: Jo Corbett)


Projectiles in Football: Are there unsaveable zones for the penalty kick and, if so, where are they located? - Neil Brown (Mentor: Colin White)
Projectile Motions of Tennis Balls - Mangesh Rai (Mentor: Colin White)


An Analysis of the Equation of Motion for Bloodhound SSC Using Mathematical Modeling - Adam Philo (Mentors: Ian Galloway and Ben Evans)