Final Year Student Projects 2013
Supervisor: Michael McCabe

My thanks to all mentors, who have given so much help and support to our students during the course of the year.
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Project Presentations 10% and final agreement on marks for project report (90%)
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Last, but not least, you are invited to Graduation champagne, strawberries and cream
Midday Wednesday 17 July 2013 Third Space, Students' Union


A Study of the Detection, Observation, Analysis and Modelling of Transiting Exoplanets - Ben Cook (Mentors: David Harris, Chris Priest and Steve Futcher)
Observation and Modelling Study of Exoplanet HAT-P-10b - Vinh Trung Ton (Mentors: David Harris, Chris Priest and Steve Futcher)
Pulsation in RR Lyrae Stars - Jonathan Harrie (Mentors: Graham Bryant and David Briggs) 
Asteroid 1088 Mitaka: Light Curve Observation and Modeling of its Geometrical Shape - Hannah Tucker (Mentor: David Briggs)
Observing Sunspots and Limb Darkening by use of an H-Alpha Filter - Lloyd Barnes (Mentors: Carol Bryan and Steve Knight)
Estimation of the Sun’s rotation through the Tracking of Sunspots - Kelly Stark (Mentors: Carol Bryan and Steve Knight)


Statistical and Physiological Modelling of Athletics Race Times - Sam Elliott (Mentor:  Jo Corbett)


Strategies for the Unsaveable Hockey Penalty Stroke - Accuracy vs. Speed - Becky Mullins (Mentor: Colin White)
Projectiles in Rugby, with specific reference to wind effects - Joshua Main (Mentor: Colin White)
The Percy Grainger Problem with Applications to Rugby - Nick Weatherseed (Mentor: Colin White)


Mathematical Analysis of the Equations of Motion for the Bloodhound SSC and Felix Baumgartner’s Skydive - Thomas Clark (FYI Ian Galloway and Ben Evans)