Final Year Student Projects 2014
Supervisor: Michael McCabe

My thanks yet again to all Hampshire Astronomical Group mentors, who have given so much help and support to our students during the course of the year.
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Practice presentations (provisional - subject to student responses)
8PM HAG Club Room
Good Friday April 18th

"Presentations Day" 22rd April 2014
time 10AM - 4PM (exact time to be confirmed shortly)
place 2nd Floor Lion Gate Building (to be confirmed shortly) followed by refreshments

Project Presentations 10% and final agreement on marks for project report (90%)
Supervisor Marking Form (for information) Second Marker Form (for information)

Last, but not least, you are invited to Graduation "champagne, strawberries and cream"
time Midday Thursday 24 July 2014
location tba

Astronomy (front title pages not included)

Observation and Modelling of Solar Features and their Effect on Transit Light Curves - Alexander Brook (Mentors: Carol Bryan, Steve Knight and Phil Reed)
Observations and Mathematical Modelling of Exoplanet WASP 52b - Alice Smith (Mentors: David Harris, Steve Futcher and Chris Priest)
Modelling Solar Prominences as a Dirichlet Problem and Comparisons with Observations - David Lee (Mentors: Carol Bryan, Steve Knight and Phil Reed) 
RR Lyrae Variable Stars: The Blazhko Effect and Spetroscopic Observations - David Leighfield (Mentors: Graham Bryant and Steve Broadbent)
Asteroid 261 Prymno: Light Curve Observation and Modelling - Glen Fergus (Mentor: David Briggs)
An Observational Study and Mathematical Model of the Transiting Exoplanet HAT-P-25b - Natalie Michie(Mentors: David Harris, Steve Futcher and Chris Priest)
Observations and Modelling of Exoplanets WASP 44b and HAT-P 25b - Richard Swainson (Mentors: David Harris, Steve Futcher and Chris Priest)


Marathon Performance Modelling - Callum Freel (Mentor:  Jo Corbett)